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5 books to breastfeed by

December 28, 2009

I am one of those kids who at sleepovers in the 5th grade was often found in the closet after the last whispering had died down, raiding their bookshelves. Often for crap like Sleep Valley High that my mom refused to get me but that I would privately devour. I too knew deep down in my tween (except it was just called kid then) heart that it really was crap, but oh! the Jessica and Elizabeth, perfect size 6 jeans wearing twins and their various beaus and cool high school hi jinks.

This year I spent most of my late nights breastfeeding a milk fiend and thus found myself needing some reading to help pass those hours between around 3-5am when most people are somewhere between REM and a drool puddle. So here are five of my favorites…in no particular order:

The Twilight Series

  • Yes, yes, yes. Twilight is trite, atrotious dialogue,  abistence extoling plot content, poorly written, blahblahblah. I love this series with all my Sweet Valley High loving heart. I love the vampire/werewolf love triangle, the fact the characters are 17 and full of ridulous levels of angst and hormones, the tortured self reflection, I love it all. Unashamedly. No I don’t wish my husband stayed up all night simply to watch me sleep, I probably pick my nose or mouth breath during the night. But who knows what…maybe it’s the cougar in me now that I’ve turned 30…I like me some escapist HOT undead lovin.’


  • So there is a fantasy stream happening…guilty. I just hope this doesn’t mean you’ll see me ringing in 2010 from my parent’s basement playing D&D.  This book was good fun. Pure and simple.


  • I really admire l-o-v-e Tasmanian author Richard Flanagan. I once nannied the children of his next door neighbor. Sometimes I would spot him in his backyard feeding rabbits and feel like a stalkerish fan. The man is a freakin’ genius.  This is a quiet sad little book. Made me wish I’d read more Dickens as well.

The Princess Bride

  • Never read it although grew up with the film. Great, except I couldn’t get Fred Savage’s face out of my head!

Rowing to Latitude

  • Rowing never sounded so freaking badass! A far cry from the little aluminum guy we tooled around the lake growing up. Jill Fredston is one cool chick. She even spots a 500 year old half-frozen whale high up a glacier in Svalbard.
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