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What’s Hot, What’s Not Wednesday

January 6, 2010

Back to doing this meme started by

What’s Hot

  • Weaning: I’m quite sad the I am no longer a breastfeeding mama, but Jarah’s not missing it at all surprisingly. The morning of New Year’s Eve he decided he was all good, now he just eats malt-o-meal and organic yogurt by the gallon.
  • Birds (aka “birh birh”): Jarah is following in his proud dad’s footsteps by becoming a bona fide twitcher by 14 months. He spends a great part of the day with his nose smudged to his grandma’s windows (giving her obsessive clean freak heart about 100 different types of arrhythmic palpitations by early afternoon) admiring the gila woodpecker’s, hummingbirds, sparrows, nuthatches and quail that can be spotted fluttering around the backyard.
  • Olive Oil: Toured the Queens Creek Olive Mill and tried everything from vanilla bean olive oil, to white truffle olive oil to blood orange olive oil. If I could have bathed in the oil I gladly would have. Also mindblowing was the balsamic fig vinegar. Jarah gobbled it straight up with his chubby little fingers.
  • Karaoke: It was New Year’s Eve. I haven’t been out in…. which is a looooong time. There was tequila. There was a free street karaoke vendor. And there was a rousing and heartfelt version of “Material Girl” sung for 3,000 of my closest friends.

p.s: that’s my sister Megan beside me in the incriminating shot…best to take always take someone down with you!

  • Doing Bollywood workout videos in private: except for Jarah who squats on the floor and watches rather alarmed. Except when I do a front dip/hair flick, then he applauds.

What’s Not Hot

  • Car Crying: Driving to Tuscon while Jarah squawks the WHOLE 1.5 hours and I am mocked by both my mother and sister for my backseat singing while wedged next to Jarah’s colossal Britax carseat  trying (and supremely failing) to entertain him. Apparently I lost my last drop of residual coolness singing “Oh I wish I was a little mosquito, I’d go bitey, bitey, bitey on my little baby’s hiney”
  • Eating Denny’s on New Year’s Day morning: I thought it would be awesome and ironic. Hadn’t been in oh, say, 15 years or so. Instead it was dirty and depressing.
  • A darling son who wakes between 3-4.30am: and refuses to sleep unless either Nick or I are sitting right. next. to. his. bed. By next to I mean basically almost inside his crib. I am now attempting to change the game by talking about what an AWESOME sleeper my kid is rather than how he fights dreamland like it was the 9th circle of Hell. You hear that Universe? My baby loves sleep, lovey love loves it. If this work it’s worth the $16.95 I shelled out on The Secret a few years back.
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  1. Melissa permalink
    January 14, 2010 11:40 am

    I’m addicted o your blog. It always makes me laugh. I would feel like a stalker but I figure I’m family. Family is supposed to stalk each other right? So…what are your plans for this summer? Michigan?

  2. January 14, 2010 12:48 pm

    Thanks Melissa, I’m glad someone reads it. And rest assured I’d stalk any blog you wrote, I love Garrison’s funny faces! I am at this point planning a summer trip to Michigan, but probably for early in the summer. Will email you more details when I get back from AZ. Off for 3 days to Sedona…last bit of fun before we leave. Will write more on here on the w’end!

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