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Rainy Day

January 26, 2010

I just wrote out a whole post and Jarah crawled up and deleted it. Blech. Round 2 and slightly abridged.

We’re back on Kauai. Besides the backed up kitchen pipes, jet lagged baby and incessant rain it’s been really good. No really. We were greeted by some friends from Tasmania who’d been staying in our house for the week before we got there. They got engaged down at our local beach Salt Pond which was a lovely surprise and called for the popping of some pineapple flavored champagne…interesting but a little like drinking a gummy bear.

Pre-baby a rainy day was a chance for stolen lazy indulgence. Maybe painting of the toenails, definetely reading of the books and watching of the movies. Perhaps a bath or more likely a nap. A rainy day with a one year old is slightly different…less like being at the spa and more like being in a Siberian gulag with a cell mate who doesn’t speak your language (although you secretly suspect he understands far more than he lets on). A cell mate who has an obessesion with trying to play in the trash or wear your underwear on his head. Sometimes both at the same time.

The upside to the rainy day is blasting the Enya Station on Pandora Radio…something that would NEVER be allowed if Nick was home. Watching Jarah prance (er, dance) to Celtic music is incredibly heart warming and sends me scrambling for the camcorder to record blackmail material for when he’s an emo teenager. Another is making baked rice pudding with a recipe I found that calls for including vanilla pudding! Vanilla pudding! The food of champions. Perhaps the rainy day isn’t QUITE so bad after all.

Well…the cell mate is ritualistically dismembering his toy train so best be off. Please Kauai, do a sister a favor and spare us some sun so we can get to a park/beach/bike path.

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