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What’s Hot, What’s Not Wednesday

January 28, 2010

In honor of a meme started by loobylu

What’s Hot

President Obama: He reminded me in his State of the Union tonight that when I grumble about all the “change” and “hope” that’s not a-comin’ that really the election was never about him, it was about us. WE need to pull our fingers out and be willing to work. Me, in my toy scattered living room laying comatose on the couch at the end of a loooong day needs to get that finger out. So the question is…where to start?

Wa, Mii: Jarah’s new words…short for “water” and “milk.”

Smoothies: I’m back into them in a big way…favorite of the moment is pinapple, banana, blueberry. mmmmm.

Kindle: I got a Kindle from my parents for Christmas. I admit, I was skeptical. Books are meant to be a made of sacrificial trees and stored piled up onto bookshelves. But Kindle has made a paper saver out of me. The ease of reading and lack of feeling like I’m at a computer are big pluses. I just wish new releases were a leetle cheaper.

What’s Not Hot:

Republicans: I know, I know my partisanship is part of the problem not the solution. But I’m still bitter about health care and their lack of applause, pointed lack of applause for most of Obama’s speech made me want to shake a finger at them, shame shame shame. Ummm…remember it was YOUR administration that got us into this economic debacle in the first place. And ANOTHER thing…isn’t health care a huge ol’ burden on small business? So why the hatred of a public option. Maybe it’s having lived for 3 years happily with public health care, but it’s THE SHIT people. seriously.
Weevils: I made a killer rice pudding yesterday. Only to discover the bag of rice was actually full of weevils that I cooked with cinnamon, butter, vanilla and sugar. Sounds more palatable perhaps but weevils, alas, remain weevils.

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