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Earth Momma Chicken Nuggets

January 29, 2010

I was skyping some pals last night in Australia and was told I have cultivated a reputation as an “earth momma.” Earth momma? I am very flattered, however, sighhhh…my visions of hand sewing cloth diapers while simultaneously baking vegan applesauce cookies, making homemade children’s books and concocting witty song lyrics has hit a funny little wall called reality. Yesterday I fed Jarah chicken nuggets. In the shape of dinosaurs. And he. loved. them.

And guess what. I ate some too. I. loved. them. also.

However, hopefully Jarah is not on a slippery slope to PBR in his sippy cup and twinkies for breakfast just yet. He loves to eat him some melon, cheese (jarlsberg is his favorite, the wee gourmand!), crusty whole grain bread, poi, apple bananas and milk. This kid is a milk fiend. He begs for it, pleads for it, pines for it about 65,000 a day. “Mi mi?” he says hopefully.  Every time I refill his sippy cup he chugs it like he’s just been crawling through the Sahara for 4 days. Nick looks at me when he comes home from work with a raised eyebrow, while Jarah flings himself at the fridge. Like I’ve been withholding liquid from him all day.

While dino shaped chicken nuggets are all fine and tasty, I am determined to keep them an infrequent dinner table friend. Don’t think I’m ready for “nug nug” all day like. Or if he says “ketchup” next. It would break my wannabe Earth Momma heart!

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