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Hi February

February 1, 2010

Hello February, I wasn’t expecting you and suddenly “ta-da” here you are. I have been visiting some favorite blogs this morning and seeing lots of snapshots of snow, ice, snow/ice, icey snow. We spent yesterday here at Hanalei Bay:

I have been missing the mainland a bit since we got back home. Missing big and not crazy overpriced health food stores, native birds out the window, listening to NPR in the car (not on podcast), having the option to get Indian food anytime we want. Well…on the plus side we have a balmy February…so grass is always greener, as usual.

Hanalei Bay has been Jarah-approved since he was very wee:

We left the camera behind yesterday but that expression still sums up Jarah’s general enthusiasm for getting to fling his diaper off, stick sand in every possible fold of skin, chase doggies, and slop smoothie all over his person. The only sign it was nearly February was that the North Shore surf was up making for decidedly unfriendly baby swimming.

I love Jarah is so at home with the ocean. I don’t love that he sees 5 foot shore break and thinks, “ahh…just like my bath back home,” and makes a surprisingly quick bee line into the confused swell. I held his hands and let him dip his toes in and he was all, “moooooom, this makes me so not cool.”

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