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February 5, 2010

Jarah loves his dada. Dada has started a GREAT habit of getting up early on the weekdays to give Jarah breakfast and spend some quality time before work, while Mama gets some quality snore time. Every morning Nick sticks him in bed with me as he heads out the door for the day and Jarah spends the next 5 minutes holding out his hands asking, “Dada? Dada.”

The other special work day ritual Nick has is bath and bed time…scrubbing over the layers of dinner, splashing bubbles, pajama wrangling and story time.

I have the rather unenviable job of getting up with Jarah during his (still, ugh) numerous night wakings. Yesterday morning I complained how I froze (during our recent 65 degree cold snap) at night trying to singĀ  Jarah back to sleep. So last night around 2.30am as I was back at it the door opened and Nick came in with a great big sleeping bag, “I thought you might be cold again.”

Ah dada, we love you so!

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