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February 10, 2010

Finally got the stars to align and Jarah and I hit up the Kalaheo Farmers Market (every Tuesday from 3-4pm at the Kalaheo Neighborhood Center off Kaumualii Hwy).  It’s tiny (only about 7-8 vendors) but a good ‘un. Jarah gets coos from the aunties and I usually end up with at least one novelty food, yesterday was mountain beans. Looks like snow peas, except serrated edges? Huh.

So we loaded up on cheap and abused citrus and spent some lovely time this morning juicing it up. Well, I ran the juicer while Jarah looked on from his high chair pointing his plastic spoon imperiously, calling out advice. We ended up with a tangelo, lime and clementine concoction that we cut with a bit of coconut water. Mmmmmm good. Haven’t had fresh juice in ages which now makes it seem ridiculous we ever by it at the store.

Store bought juice is to the fresh stuff, as oreos are to homemade cookies. Generally tacky, processed and overly sugary…

Jarah approved the “tanlimentine nut” recipe. At least I believe the fact he took his sippy cup to the center of the living room, sat down cross-legged, tilted his head back and didn’t stop swallowing till the last teeny bit was gulped as a sign of approval.

Can’t wait to hit the market again soon.

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