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Keep On, Keepin’ On

February 12, 2010


This has been a. day.

Mind you a mostly nice day. Jarah and I took a long walk at my lovely work site where many trees and individual pieces of gravel were admired. We did some grocery shopping. Prepped for my school group that’s coming tomorrow. Bought flowers (roses, daisies, anthiriums and orchids oh my!!) to fill up our spaces with some much needed bright beauty. Made a pot roast complete with three veg. Changed what might be the biggest diaper FAIL in recorded history. Wow, now I’m actually pretty impressed with myself.

But oh it has been a tired day. I have been more and more tired these past few weeks. Dragging. Yawning. Slothing. The idea of going to work tomorrow makes me want to find a pillow and hide under it. Nick is staying home with Jarah. I LOVE that he is as committed as I am to ensure we stay at home parent our wee  boy.

This upcoming weekend of love I picture a coconut tree casting a perfect shady shadow. And me curled up inside it, toes buried in the warm sand.

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