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Delay in Posting

March 7, 2010

Hi Isla Mama Readers…

Many apologies for the sporadic nature of postings. Frankly,  I am too busy throwing up or thinking about throwing up the last week or two to write very much. What is with the 12 week mark, that’s supposed to mean I’m hitting the golden stride of the 2nd trimester, not running to the bathroom (Jarah hot on my heels, he thinks mama puking is a hoot) multiple times throughout the day.

Note to new baby: I’m glad all is good in there. Can you try to tone down the pukiness a little though, please. Your mama may need to eat something now and then in order to like….grow you.

When Pukapalooza 2010 settles down (this week? please? god?) hopefully posting will pick up again.

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