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Island Hopping

May 18, 2010

My sister Megan graduated from the University of Hawaii Master’s of Social Work program last week and we island hopped over to Oahu to celebrate the event with my parents. It was the first time I spent much time on the Waikiki stip (6 days!) and while I can safely say I wouldn’t live downtown, it was quite refreshing to go out on a Saturday night and have the sidewalks teeming with people. I felt a bit like the country mouse masquerading as a city mouse. Couldn’t get over that things stayed open passed 7pm, let alone 10pm. I also solidified my addiction to the Yogurtland franchise and highly recommend their deliciouso lychee tart flavor. Mmmmm….Baby Gumnut gives it two enthusiastic thumbs up as well.

Jarah took advantage of the city to expand his vocab and has now learned “bus,” “truck,” “Nana,” and “Poppa.” We hear these words about 4,302 times a day. He has also become fixated on climbing anything “up.” “Up Mama?” and “Hi Mama” are two other commonly heard word combinations round these parts. While I love these two oft-used phrases deeply, I don’t love them when they come from an 18 month old perched onto of a laundry basket on the kitchen counter or dangling over the back of a wobbly wooden rocking chair.

I think I have counted a few more grey hairs nestled into my temples and have made some saves that make me feel I should win some sort of medal of honor.

Thanks to the lovely Megan for providing the following pics of last week’s fun…

Jarah loves his Auntie Mimi. He is watching me upload the photo as we speak shrieking, “Hi Mimi, Hi Mimi!”

Jarah also had a love/shy relationship with Mimi’s beau Jabran. While outwardly shy of him, Jarah spent much of his free san-Jabran time bidding him goodbye and asking where he was.

A face full of sand never felt so good!

Fun time with Nana Taddonio on Lanikai Beach

And Happy 4th Anniversary to my main man. My parents graciously spent the ENTIRE night with Jarah over the weekend so we could hit the town, ended up eating French in China Town but never mind.

Word to the wise though…don’t lift a steaming (and teeming) plate of mussels over your lap unless you want to risk second degree burns and a funky smelling dress. Especially if you are angling to be romantic! On the plus side, we concluded the night with a trip to the Apple Store and the purchase of a super sexy MacBook Pro. Beats the heck out of paper or leather as a gift I tell you!

Love you matey.

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  1. Cherlyn Wilcox permalink
    May 18, 2010 9:35 pm

    Yeah! Happy anniversary. I could squeeze that little Jarah-he keeps getting cuter and cuter.

  2. May 20, 2010 1:38 pm

    I think he’d be even cuter if you could rock him out in one of your faux-hawk’s cherlyn!

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