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Highway to the Danger Zone?

May 20, 2010

So…little Maverick and I have our tickets from Lihue to Detroit booked for early June. Three weeks on Nana and Poppa’s lake in Southeastern Michigan splashing, firefly chasing, bonfire making and canoe paddling.

But a 12 hour flight (including 2 hour layover in Phoenix) with a 19 month old and my 26 week fetus seems slightly daunting at the moment, I am needing to channel the raw courage of IceMan. I have a chirpy magnet on the fridge that reads: to travel hopefully is a better thing than to arrive (thanks to Robert Louis Stevenson) and have seriously contemplated writing the phrase¬†on my hand during the trip to be used as a helpful mantra when needed. Yes, I often write helpful mantras on my hand, although usually they say things like, “pay the power bill.”

Happily Jarah loves the airport. Next to the beach it may be his favorite place on earth. He gets to watch the wows, pronounced, “WOOOOOOOOOW WOOOOOOOOW WOOOOOOW! Mama! Mama! WOWOWOWOWOWOW,” at the gate. A wow being an airplane of course. However as we have already addressed on this website, seeing a wonderful wow is not as wowing as RIDING on a wow. That gets old sometime after take off, usually as the landing gear is going up over Ahukini Landing.

But I think I am going to actually try to take my own good advice for once and tell myself this will be a lovely, cuddly, and relaxing journey. A toast, in my case raise of the morning cup of coffee (I allow myself one a day at the moment) to the hopeful travellers.

P.S: Thanks to D. Holmes for the lovely snap of Jarah at the Melbourne Airport late April!

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