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It’s like this and it’s like that…

August 5, 2010

Whoa, I just logged in and saw I haven’t posted since July 2. Whoops! What can I say…time flies when you’re I don’t know:

growing a human/parenting a 20 month old boy/engaging in mixed martial arts smack downs with a never ending tub of laundry/deciding to make my own laundry detergent (to which i literally added my blood and tears after accidentally grating half my hand in addition to some Dr. Bronner’s soap/working (got a freelance writing contract, commencing the week after I officially ended my Enviro Educator job)/trying to keep my plants alive/deciding a on boy or girl middle name (any ideas?)/ making up songs about airplanes and helicopters on a daily basis/ummmm…breathing and eating coffee ice cream?

Basically what ever happens when you realize a month has gone by and you thought it was still Tuesday. I blame Hawaii. Something in the coconut water.

Currently on the 16th story of a massive Waikiki hotel typing o-so-quiet so as not to wake the dragon…and by dragon I mean my son. Who I love desperately. And who desperately needs a nap. Otherwise I will become a dragon. And then perhaps Nick will return from his conference to find the room a scalded cavern of smoldering toy trucks and one scorched elmo slipper. We both really benefit from nap time.

Spent the morning at the beach. 4 hours of fun in the baking sun, plus 30 minutes of eating cheap obscenely salty thai take out, plus hanging out with other really! fun! kids! mama! meant that by 2pm I needed another drink (and didn’t even have the first one) and some “quiet time.”

So here we are. And will try not to go into another month long coma anytime soon.

Also thinking a Mama Dragon could easily smite a Mama Grizzly . Why do I do it to myself? Pay any attention EVER to Sarah Palin. I need to treat her like I do these Human Centipede trailers….which is look away, for god’s sakes look away right now. Instead I peek, then get all crazy third trimester about her.

Then I do need a drink. Of coconut water infused with rainbows. Possibly double rainbows.

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