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A Good Baby

October 6, 2010

Bronte is what is widely called “a good baby.”

She sleeps, eats, coos, sleeps again, issues bodily noises that sound alarmingly like 21 year old frat boys, coos, eats, sleeps yet again. Crying? She can’t really be bothered. Fussing? Nah, it would harsh her mellow. This is one chill-axin’ Hawaiian born bub.

Last night I woke up twice to check her sleeping self. By 4am I was trying to force feed her and she wrinkled her nose like “back off woman, can’t a sister catch some zzzzzz’s around here without someone shoving a boob in their face.” Jarah had already woken up twice by this point.

This makes me wonder on the language we use to describe small humans. Jarah gets between a F+and a F- in the sleep department overall depending on how positive I feel at the given time. Since his earliest days of waking every hour on the hour for a guzzle (which lasted around 12 months), he’s made improvements….but not much. Now he’s just traded in his milk addiction for a midnight glass of water, followed by a 1am blankie tuck in, a 3.3o pat on the back and a 5.30 hello for no reason I can decipher.

But he gives endless kisses, cuddles (known in our house as “oooowas”), shares jokes, imagines startling tales of walruses and baby geckos, loves ice cream and cookies and his baby sister with equal enthusiasm, and is in general a gigantic joy to be around. So isn’t he a good baby too?

And if we call a baby who is remarkably easy and laid back a “good” baby that stands to reason that the opposite is a “bad” baby. Which obviously isn’t an ideal moniker to get a great start on that important path to self-esteem. I love Bronte’s easy, calm, gentle demeanor just as much as I love Jarah’s boisterous, odd-ball antics.

So when people ask if I have a good baby I say “Yes. I have two good babies.”

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  1. libby c-g permalink
    October 6, 2010 5:45 pm

    me likey, me likey! I love em both, and since Dominic also kept me up until the wee hours until he was nearly two, I can’t help but say….. I want one like Bronte next!

  2. Petrina Burrill permalink
    October 9, 2010 6:30 am

    You deserve a good little girl- please can i have one like her next! love the pics…so cute.

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