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Magic Poopy Beach

October 27, 2010

Jarah’s favorite word lately is “magic.” It is the adjective of choice to describe a passing shower, “Magic raining, magic raining on Mama’s car.” Or appreciation for a particularly delicious smoothie, “Magic coco water, magic strawberries.” Or deep love for his favorite cartoon, “Magic Dino Train.”

There is a lot of magic in our house these days with a nearly 2 year old and nearly 2 month old. There is also a lot of chaos.

This past Sunday the cavalry left. Since Bronte was born we’ve been blessed with nearly 6 weeks of help first in the form of Nick’s parents, then my whole family in Kona and finally my mom for the past two weeks. Meals were cooked, laundry folded, floors swept, diapers changed, stories read, walks taken, etc. As I waved goodbye to my mom from the front porch as Nick drove her to the airport I thought to myself, “Now it’s time I’m a big girl and step up my game.” I felt rested, motivated and ready for anything this crew could throw at me.

That lasted around 24 hours and finally gave it’s death rattle yesterday afternoon after a Costco run into Lihue (45 minutes each way) concluded with melting down car seat babies, and broken grocery items scattered in the driveway . The croupe de grace came with my darling toddler pooping his pants while simultaneously throwing a temper tantrum that blocked the entrance to our the front door for five ferocious minutes while I juggled a gallon of 2% and a hysterical infant.

By spending the morning feeding and cuddling both children, I felt confident that a post nap car ride would be a breeze, the grocery shopping a snap and the day would end with nutritious appealing food and a pat on the back. Yeah. Right.

This past weekend we cruised up to Hanalei Bay. We haven’t been in months and now with a move looming it seemed like a lot of things are starting to feel a bit now-or-neverish. The day was slightly cool, breezy and as the sun began to dip behind the mountains the light grew rich and buttery, perfect for a few family photos to commemorate this most special Kaua‘i place for us. Things seemed to start out ok…

But oh so quickly, as often happens of late, devolved. Moments after this snap was taken I was admiring my little big man running on the beach. How strong he looked. How much he’s grown. How strange he’s walking…

“Magic Poopy Mama, Magic Poopy Beach, Magic Poooooopy,” he moved towards me legs spread out awkwardly, a long tail poking between his cheeks. So I ended up cleaning him up like the puppy he resembled, packing it all away in a plastic grocery bag. Ok, done and done, move on. Let’s get some pictures of Bronte…

Except Jarah needed, desperately needed with every fiber of his being to be in these photos. Which would have been fine except he also equally needed with every molecule of his existence to clutch the poop filled garbage bag at the same time. Which I wasn’t really feeling. So Nana tried to remove him which basically resulted in a cataclysmic upwelling of sadness still drifting somewhere in the Pacific and photo time came to an end.

Later, uploading these pictures, I realized what I had on my hands was just another version of the glass half full or empty. Yes, there was a poop filled bag, but look. There’s that silky sand we dig our toes into, the surfers riding the small breaks, the vibrant flower bouquet we’d stumbled on, basically us living our wild and crazy life. So the question becomes…Is there poop on the beach, or is there beach all around the poop?

Or maybe the message is that poop is ok, just so long as it’s magic poop.

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  1. Petrina Burrill permalink
    October 27, 2010 11:25 pm

    great writing lea! Great structure, voice, story and flow…I love reading your stuff. must work out skype next week when back form coast xo

  2. April 10, 2011 4:33 am

    ZQhrrA Sounds great to me BWTHDIK

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