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Where I Get All Earnesty and Stuff…

November 1, 2010

Alright folks, today I’ve got a few things on my mind. Namely Halloween, a comedian, and the entire gay population of America. Bear with me on this one, I promise you I can tie it all together for you in the end. Well, that’s my hope. Otherwise it sounds like the beginning to a pretty confusing joke with a dubious punchline.

So Saturday morning I was lucky enough to check into the live streaming Rally to Restore Sanity at the exact moment Jon Stewart took the floor to deliver what will probably go down as the “we live in hard times, not end times” keynote. We gathered as a family (Bronte included) and watched the address while I put the finishing touches on Jarah’s pirate Halloween costume.  Now I’m not going to waste valuable blog real estate going overly earnest. Well, no that’s a lie. I am. But not this early in the game. In short, I agreed with everything he said.

…Incidentally, didn’t Jarah and Nick make a pair of smashing pirates (pardon the abysmal nighttime photography by a Bronte juggling mama):

Now I agree with Jon Stewart that most people are pretty reasonable, and as such most would agree that even though tiny pirates may possess alarmingly persuasive smiles, they should not be allowed to sit down and consume a bucketful of candy, er booty.

Being that most people are quite reasonable, you would assume that two committed adults who have similar chromosomes (among other important things like say similar world views, or interest in North Italian cuisine) should be allowed legal recognition of their coupledom rights. In other words, the xy/xy and xx/xx loving guys and gals out there should enjoy all the same rights, benefits, protections, and responsibilities under law as are granted to spouses in a marriage. At least that seems blindingly reasonable to me.

This is the human rights issue of our generation in this country. And I feel personally responsible to ensure it happens which is why I’m voting tomorrow for a governor who supports civil unions in Hawai‘i.  Last year the Hawaiian school year calendar was the shortest in the nation due to budget cuts. Kaua‘i foreclosures are still abundant. A June 2010 UCLA study demonstrated that same-sex couples would spend between $4.2 and $9.5 million dollars on their wedding celebrations, if allowed to marry in Hawai‘i. Out-of-state guests would spend an additional $17.8 to $40.3 million dollars, which would in turn create 193 to 333 new jobs in Hawai‘i primarily in the events and travel industries (thanks Wikipedia!). C’mon people, we need these union-ings!

I feel personally responsible to vote because I really don’t ever want to look at my children and say, oh Mama was asleep at the wheel, or more likely too busy wrestling an angry mountain of laundry, to do much on this issue. And for those in opposition I wonder if they realize they’re going to turn out on the wrong side of history. It would be like hearing my great-grandpa was against the suffragettes. Obviously not something I would think on with esteem.

But can people really change deep seated beliefs? To this I give a rousing yes! For instance I once loved Jordan Knight with a deep, committed passion. I slept with a naked Jordan Knight barbie doll, had Jordan Knight sheets, pinned his face on my jean jacket and kissed a poster of him on my bedroom door so much I literally wore away his mouth with my tweeny drool.

Now I wonder…what was I thinking? And if you currently support anti-gay candidates…you too can someday ponder the same question. But you have to not vote for them first. So please, tomorrow do the reasonable thing and don’t.

Make those future generations proud.

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  1. November 2, 2010 6:32 am

    Hi, you commented on my blog earlier and I’ve popped over to yours. Great post! I find your elections so interesting as here (Australia) voting is mandatory – so our attitude towards it, and politics – can differ a fair bit because we have to put in a vote, whether we want to or not. BTW, I’ve not come across a blogger in Hawaii before! Also, cute Halloween costumes. x

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