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5 Random Things I’ll Miss About Kaua‘i

November 21, 2010

drive up albatross

Every year we cruise (slowly, slowly) through the North Shore town of Princeville to check out the breeding Laysan Albatross. This particular posse of jet-setting seabirds hang out along driveways filled with italian sports cars and under the lanai's of $5,000,000 uber luxury homes.

coco water pit stop at the farmer’s markets

Getting bashed into palm trees and crib bars makes Monkey thirsty

juicy juicy waimea mangos

My screen is a bit damp where I've been licking it, damn these puppies are delish

freaky deaky feral chickens's a love/hate kinda relationship

flying inter-island

while i know the carbon footprint sucks, there is something really romantic about traveling inter-island to me. 30 min fly time, one high fructose corn syrup laden guava juice, and a flip through Hana Hou magazine and presto! a new island that's the same yet different in its own special way.

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