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December 1, 2010

Disclaimer: This post is coming at you way past my bedtime. Spelling errors, poor writing, lack of wit, inside jokes and funky layouts abound. But my heart is full and a silly old blog can’t possibly do it justice.

Once upon a time a poor wayward American girl fell in love with an even poorer Australian graduate student, bailed out of the University of Montana with a semester to go (causing her poor mother to hyperventilate into countless paper bags) and moved down beneath the equator to live with him on the side of a mountain in Tasmania.

After being heralded with academic accolades (I did actually get that pesky old B.A in the end by the way so let that be a lesson to all hyperventilating mothers…sometimes your foolish, idealistic kids do get it right!), they got engaged and decided to move to Hawai‘i because, what could go wrong in the land of the everlasting coconuts? Early 2006 they landed with two duffel bags just in time for the biggest rain event in the last century. After things dried out they got busy working and exploring.

They got married.

Made Friends. Rather, met amazing people who knocked their socks off. And must of had some fun because there are barely have any pics of any of these amazing people. Too busy in the sand, sun, surf and smack talking to capture it. Which is great actually.

Givers…and takers forever!


From two duffel bags we now leave with around 12. Plus two of the sweetest little bublets that you ever did see.
There is a saying that comes to mind. It’s cheesy, and I’m totally going for it! Take only memories. Leave only footprints.
Well, here’s ours Kaua‘i. Muuuuuah!
Next post will be coming to you from California!
Aloha aina.
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  1. Petrina Burrill permalink
    December 1, 2010 5:24 am

    so moving… literally. Can’t wait to read the next chapter in USA. we love the islamumma and her family. Bring on California I say!

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