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Santa Cruz Sweet & Sour: Part One

January 6, 2011

72 hours in Santa Cruz…already had some adventure, some sweet. Some sour.


  • Jarah’s 102+ temp: Poor little guy crashed out hard. Wasn’t even interested in ice cream so we knew it was bad. Happily the fever broke around 2am and he woke up starving. We had a middle of the night picnic of frozen strawberry yogurt, coconut water, seaweed crackers and hommus.
  • House Prices: Ugh. There is a steep price to pay to live in pretty cool places.
  • Grandmama Driving Instincts: Our defensive driving went to the birds on laid back Kauai. I have spent the last three days watching Nick clutch the wheel of our rental car like an 80 year old blue rinsed wonder dodging woodie’s, skateboarders, cyclists-oh my! Our cars were dropped off tonight by the moving service. Now it’s my turn. Gulp.


  • Beach: We’re two blocks from the beach. That means a morning, afternoon and evening trip. That’s some kelp coated bliss.
  • Pome-crack: Happily discovered the farmer’s market raw pomegranate juice DID live up to the hype. I am trying (with marginal success) to ration my hoard.
  • Curbside Recycling and Green Waste Pickup: I mean I am really, really excited about this. Almost (but not quite) as much as the beach. No more weeks of cereal box and milk jug buildup outside the house. Huzzah!!!
  • Pink Cheeks: Both my babies have winter pinked cheeks after some playtime outdoors. I want to eat them up. And then wash them down with some of that freaking pomegranate juice.

What is sweet or sour in your world?

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  1. bridget permalink
    January 7, 2011 10:49 am

    Sweet: Been doggy sitting Cyderman since Monday. I’m bringing him up north this weekend for some skiing and hiking in the new snow! He’s going to love it!

    Sour: Having to shove Cyderman’s “itching pill” down his foamy little throat every morning. Bllllarf.

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