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Santa Cruz Sweet and Sour: Part Two

January 17, 2011


  • Sea Fog: Spent a recent morning sand castle making in the misty fog watching gulls flit in dark shadows out to the bay. And fog horns? Magical!
  • Sea Lion Barks: Hear them echoing  from the wharf as I take the rubbish out at night.
  • “Go on an ad-ven-ture”: Jarah’s new regular request that I’m happy to oblige. Adventure can be a stroll through a redwood grove or checking out the recycling bins at a nearby apartment complex.
  • Empty Carbs: We are gobbling up Watsonville Sourdough like it’s cotton candy at the State Fair. We’re averaging 3 loaves a week, have to stop the insanity soon. Just after this next piece.
  • Food Robbing: Speaking of gobbling, Bronte made a desperate hail mary pass on a piece of carrot cake yesterday. Somehow I don’t think she’ll be a picky eater like her brother. At a recent pediatric check up she weighed in at a hefty 75th percentile for weight, but measured a petite 5th percentile for height. Our own sweet little Danny DeVito.
  • House Guests: We’ve had our first visitors, Trevor and Max! They braved the baby trenches for some fun times including late breakfasting, migrating monarch butterfly watching and remote beach locating.


  • Ebola: Dear Jarah, please stop licking the bottoms of your shoes, the floor of the San Jose airport or the sides of public trash receptacles. I try to stop you in time but you’re pretty darn quick. This is my second terrible cold of the season and I think I’ve completely loss my sense of smell and taste. I miss them. Thanks, your mama
  • Dining Etiquette: Dear  Jarah, I love that you make new friends on the beach. I love that these new kids invite us to dinner with their folks as your parents are currently a bit short in the friend department. I don’t like that you and your new friends flip over the table in the middle of the crowded mexican joint. Let’s try to chill out and color the menu next time or something. Thanks, your mama
  • Back pain: Dear Jarah, When you throw a temper tantrum on our walk to the beach because your shoe is not tied to meet your OCD standards, I can either carry you or leave you writhing in the gutter. I love you so I end up carrying you. Problem is I also have to carry your baby sister. This latest episode saw me sleeping on a heated wheat bag for an entire night to control the muscle spasms. Please go a bit more gently. Thanks, your mama.

What’s sweet and sour in your world?

Want to see some happy memories of last week? Of course you do…

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  1. January 17, 2011 8:31 pm

    Why do you guys always live in the most beautiful places ever?! Vashon is pretty too, but not in that beachy-getaway way.

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