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In Our Family

January 31, 2011

How to bring a delightful barbarian into the world of civilization without losing all that’s wild and wonderful? That, my friends, that is my question in toddler raising. My husband would like to err on the side of top-down control but this is California after all, and so I’m asking for a more grassroots approach. The new idea…

In our family. In our family is ideally the way to share the behavior we want when we see the behavior we don’t. I think it sounds pretty good in theory, and faintly ridiculous in practice. However, it rarely fails to make me smile (which has to be hidden during more serious moments.)

Let me see what you would have heard around these parts if you were a fly (or damned invasive argentine ant…i loathe them so):

In our family we don’t take off our Crocs and gnaw them in public. We wear them on our feet.

In our family we jump on the floor not on the ________ (bed, sister’s head, mother’s prone body).

In our family we eat our breakfast nicely rather than dump the cereal on the floor.

In our family we put groceries at the store into a basket rather than trying to frantically tear the package open.

In our family we blow our nose in a tissue, not our mommy’s hair.

In our family we tell our friends if we are angry rather than bite them.

In our family we make sandcastles rather than swallow great, wolfing mouthfuls of beach.

In our family we don’t hurl Sigg water bottles at our baby sisters if we are feeling bored.

What else do we in our family? In our family our kids like to share pink eye. With the mama.

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