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Digging Out

April 25, 2011

I am in the middle of one of those times when it seems like there is a heap piled on top of me. Anyone have a shovel? My to-do lists have to-do lists. My temper runs short by turns, then totally relaxes at odd moments like getting cut off by a crazy Prius driver while traversing the murky waters over San Francisco Bay.

But first things first. The winner of the FIRST EVER WHERE THE WATERMELONS GROW GIVEAWAY IS (insert snare drum roll here)….Claire! This highly scientific drawing was decided by putting the number of comments (#2, I TOLD you your chances were good to win) in a bowl, then choosing. Claire was #2. Some spammer named Lawanda was #3 but I decided not to count her.

Claire, for supporting the Kira Hodek Medical Fund you will receive s personalized story by yours truly. We shall speak soon, sort the logistics. Please support the Hodek family, they have a feisty baby who is spending way too long in a hospital in a country that charges obscene amounts for hospital bills. Seriously, I think mamas who appreciate free health care to protect their little ones should go polar bear on those mama grizzlies Grrrrr.

Ms. Claire  is a long time friend made back in the days of Jesse Hall, University of Montana. She is by turns an amazing artist, skier, brand new mama and MacBook aficionado. Last year as I agonized over spending big bucks on a thrilling new laptop she encouraged me. So therefore, I received some sympathy from her on the weekend when A HORROR occurred.

It was a normal afternoon heading to the new house to do some gardening (move in day is 3 days away!). I practically broke my toe on a baby bouncer, got son into car only to be pelted in face by an offending apple (no apple, no snack mama came the cry), only to see dear daughter sneeze a bucketful of snot all over her face from the confines of her car seat. I tossed MacBook Pro (er, placed gently with care and reverence) onto the roof of our Suburu and ran inside to grab a hankie. Came out with a granola bar which was received by son with more enthusiasm. Sigh of relief, and we were off.

1 mile down the road in moderate rush hour traffic a clatter catches my attention. I turn down NPR, now what was THAT? I wonder before slowly realizing THE HORROR. The Horror that is driving off with your MacBook Pro (>1 year old) on the roof of your car on a one way road in traffic with no shoulder.

I could talk about the tears, bitter self recrimination, painstaking searching but you know what…I don’t have time for the pain. Long story condensed into a small, brilliant miracle: MacBook found. Owner contacted. Friend (thank you Maxine!!) picked it up as finder lived just out of Oakland. I dashed over on Easter and retrieved it. And it works like a charm. Apple I love you. People I love you.

A few weeks ago (weeks that were filled with a Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease/Croup struck 2 year old, broken water main, MASSIVE home DIY undertakings, sick 7 month old, jetlag, no sure what else because say what? I don’t have time for the pain!) I flew ALONE with two children under 2.5 years of age. From Melbourne, Australia to San Francisco and a layover in Auckland just to spice it up a little.

Was it long? Yes. 24 hours door to door. Was it hard, surprisingly…no! Go forth and travel young mothers, for the world is a rather kind place. At least to solo  mothers on long haul international flights. Neighboring seatmates didn’t overtly mind being kicked or occasionally boob groped by my wee lad. Bronte marathon nursed and now weighs in the same as a small country, hi New Zealand! Stewards brought water. Epic cartoons were watched. Custom lanes were fast tracked. I was awake for 48 hours but hey, I didn’t have to cook a meal or take the garbage out.

We move in this week, hopefully postings will be returning to more reasonably sporadic timelines.

Leaving you with a taste of our trip down under:

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  1. April 26, 2011 1:32 am

    Bronte has a look about her like she just loves life or is a bundle of cheer or something.

    And dude, I can’t believe you drove off with a computer on your roof! (I’m not helping. Sincere apologies.)

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