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if whitney houston could just write the soundtrack to my life…

June 1, 2011

…because i can’t get “give me one moment in time” outta my head tonight. just made my ailing hubs a cup of tea (apparently i’m under contractual obligation to furnish hot drinks including meyer lemon and honey as required), peeled a book of animal illustrations of my sleeping little boy’s sweaty face, and tucked the blankie snuggly around a snoring miss b. now time for an hour or two of wild writing.

still unpacking from trip north to the big smoke of SF. Got to see the opening of the talented James Chronister’s Now We Lustre. Nearly drove a 5 seater tourist bike out of Golden Gate Park and onto Hwy 1. Discovered bourbon/cornflake ice cream and fava bean dip. Took my first trip on the BART. Caught up with dear old Missoula friends, laughed hard, remembered much. Wished I could keep some people in my pocket (although they’d likely think otherwise given the state of my pockets).

you know what, life is pretty sweet just now. almost as sweet as that delish ginger tea/raw honey/lemon zest concoction i just prepared.

so now, thanks to whitney, is the theme of today’s post…

give me a few more of these crazy rainy day moments in time.

(you can literally see the attack unfold from start to finish)

I believe the dialogue went a bit like this

Bronte: This is fun!

Jarah: This is fun!

Bronte: My big brother is so freaking cool, I’m so lucky!

Jarah: Hang on, I think I’m going to suffocate you now.

Bronte: WTF ***sputtersputter***

Jarah (suddenly speaking like Darth Vader): I’ve got you now.

Bronte: FML….wait a second. I love you! Do it again, do it again!

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