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There Will Be Pie: Summer Update

August 8, 2011

So words are scarce in these parts of late. Apologies. I think it’s because I’ve allotted all possible spare vowels and consonants at my disposal to writing a book. Because really when I looked at our house under construction, wayward jungle garden and two children under three I thought…”you know, I REALLY need something else to do.” But those are the apples. And speaking of apples, how do you like THESE bad boys hanging out on our backyard tree…

They send me into wild imaginings of apple pie, because if this writing career falls short I believe I have a future in pie and crepe making.

So here’s a look to see how August is finding us:

This first sunflower shunned us by giving it’s glory to the neighbor’s yard over the fence. Happily, the others are a bit more cooperative!

Sighing at enthusiastic garden gnomes that green romas want to stay on the vine a biiiiit longer.

Confluence of Big Creek and Devil’s Creek down Big Sur way. Jarah loved the word “confluence” and I loved hearing him talk about it the whole ride home. And doesn’t Bronte look like Yoda’s wise little sister?

Our days are full of fog than sun.

We have learned much this first year as Garden Virgins. Having wins and misses but fun throughout.

And of course there IS pie. lots and lots pie. some looks perfect but tastes less so…other’s like this messy little wonder look like hell but taste like the ollalieberries that grow in sweet fruit heaven.

Now I have to go read my favorite patient little boy a story. Happy Summering!

PS. Stay tuned for updates on finished first drafts (end of August, pleasepleaseplease), dangling plot lines, rewrites, etc.

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