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Only So Many Words…

September 22, 2011

Guess what I’ve learned the past few months? I only have so many words in me.

This may come as a surprise to my family who I know breathlessly await my scintillating telephone calls where I divulge juicy tidbits like the texture of my children’s bowel movements and how I shall cook the wilted broccoli rediscovered in the veggie drawer. Calls usually peppered with side comments like “Sit on the couch not your sister.” or “Chew your food, not the back of your sister’s neck .”

Our lives have been full and busy.

I completed my 32nd tour around the sun (don’t write “and boy are my arms tired.” Repress the impulse. Or just put in parentheses if you really have that little self-control).

We flew kites in Oahu and drank Keystone Light in my sister’s garage with a 92-year-old Japanese man. Bronte and Jarah rediscovered the thrill of tropical water and Auntie Mimi’s jewelry box. Jarah learned “elephants have BIG BIG butts” at the Honolulu Zoo. And now feels called to regale this fact to strangers. Usually in grocery store check out lines.

A TSA employee made me cry en route to Kauai. No, sob. Mmm, blubber is more like it (BUT FEEL OH SO SAFE AT THE SAME TIME).

Bronte turned 1 and face ate her slice of chocolate buttercream birthday cake. Jarah spread a terrible virus to the friend who let us crash for a week in his living room. We feasted on apple bananas. Made new friends and reconnected with old. Chased chickens. Strolled the sticky aisles of Big Save. Ran into acquaintances who thought we still lived there. Watched a full moon rise over the Pacific. Splashed around the stream mouth at the base of Makana where over 3 years ago I asked the universe to PLEASE DEAR GOD LET ME GET PREGNANT AGAIN. And poof…here I was with 2 babies. One beating me in the leg with driftwood while the other attempted to shove a ridiculously large piece of coral down her gullet.

Flew back across an ocean. Grocery shopped with stoned college students post-midnight. Started our eldest in a co-op nursery school the following bleary eyed morning. Noted our four happy pumpkins. Marveled at the fact our kale and chard is only now putting in an appearance. Greeted the hummingbird in its regular perch off the deck in the high branches of our neighbor’s maple. Found fresh coyote scat next to driveway. Savored the sunshine and cozied into the fog. It’s nice to be home again.

Each of these snapshots is worthy of a blog post. Or 10.  But like I said. I only have so many words. And Mama is real busy writing a book right now.

Here’s the sexy view from our bedroom each night. Snapped care of my husband. (And check out the gnarled hands. I should be all set to scare off the kiddies come Halloween!)

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