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Hi. My name is Lea. I am a homemaker. Really. It almost feels like I’m sitting in a 12 step program announcing this fact. I’ve quit my job, recently finished graduate school and am now an official stay at home mom who aims to make our home life a place we enjoy and starts to reflect more of our values, or at least I aim too. This is not the easiest prospect in today’s busy, materialistic world where this type of decision can be equated with locking myself up in a gilded cage waiting my husband’s nightly return from the “real world” with red lipstick, a purred “dahling,” and a succulent pot roast. 

Instead of setting back the feminist movement, I’d like to put forth another POV. We (as a family unit) are trying an experiment to simplify our lifestyle, live more frugally, connect more to each other and the planet, and begin a slow separation from our economy driven culture. A bit lofty but hey, I am a product of my liberal arts education after all…

Unfortunately for me there is a HUGE learning curve. Not only am I learning to parent, but also realizing I am devoid of many of the basic tools of self-sufficiency that previous generations possessed. I have a M.A but no clue how to sew a hole in a pair of pants or prepare basic food staples. So the time has come to begin my re-education and make my own small corner of the world a slightly better, more aware and connected place. Who says there is no feminine mystique in saving the landfill one extra disposable diaper…

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  1. Aditi permalink
    January 19, 2011 2:38 am

    Wow…can you pass on some basic how to dos? What great ideas. Glad to see you guys settling into such a beautiful life. Much love.

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